• “What a beautiful environment Suzanne created that allowed honesty, truth, and discovery to unfold in our women’s group. She facilitated with wisdom, love, and amazing questions.  I felt the freedom to be myself and to let my guard down to be real about how I was feeling about God, family, and life.  A new door has opened in my relationship with God to experience and feel all the range of emotions life brings my way instead of hiding or trying to suppress them.  I felt accepted to be right where I was in my stage of life with a family and three kids.  I highly recommend Suzanne as a group spiritual coach.”
    Jodi Fishwick, Homemaker and part-time CEO and President of Launch Live Art
  • I think the most impressive thing about Suzanne’s leadership and spiritual coaching is she is a fabulous listener.  This enables her to understand where I am at and where I would like to go in the different areas of my life.  She asks powerful, pointed and provoking questions that lead me to understand my problems; without this I wouldn’t be able to affect the changes required for a healthier inner and outer self.  I am so grateful for the level of care and expertise she imparts to her clients.
    Carly Howarth, Children’s Director, Fletcher Hills Presbyterian Church
  • I highly recommend Suzanne as a spiritual and leadership coach.  Because of her own, deep journey with God, she knows how to come alongside others to listen, encourage, ask good questions and support them in their love relationship with God.  She is committed and passionate about surrendering to God's love for His ongoing healing and transformation of our mind, soul and heart.
    Sheryl Fleisher, Spiritual Director and Leadership Consultant
  • Well, I cried through the whole thing I would say it was pretty good.
    Holly Workman, Single, Seminar attendee
  • It was uplifting, edifying and provided tools to help me grow spiritually and help me heal.
    Ana Veronica Alvidrez, Single, Seminar attendee
  • An interactive seminar filled with truth, honesty and vulnerability about something no one is talking about. I identified with it so much.
    Megan Bouck, Married, Seminar attendee

COMING ALIVE EMOTIONALLY: Discovering the Connection between our Heart and God's Heart


What would it feel like to be fully loved for who you are? To have the courage to face unpleasant aspects of yourself because you feel safe and know you are deeply loved. Suzanne has journeyed through this first hand and is passionate about loving and sitting with others to experience freedom.


One of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century is the field of coaching. People are saying it is the latest evolution in the arena of self-care, and its transformative power is being embraced by tens of thousands both personally and in business. Suzanne would love to start a conversation today!


After being a Christ-follower for many years, Suzanne realized she was not an emotionally mature adult. When feelings of doubt, loneliness, anger or unmet desires surfaced, she had no idea how to be her emotions. So she would stuff them by self-protecting. This distanced her from God, herself and others. So she decided to be honest about what was really going on underneath. This allowed her to experience God's love in a deeper way and to love herself like Jesus. Some of the key ingredients toward a deeper transformation into Christ-likeness.


Are you looking for a place where you feel safe, known, connected and heard? Sharing with others what you are really thinking and feeling. Often times expressing, "Wow, what a relief I am not the only one!" To experience quiet moments where you can examine what is really going on inside. Suzanne offers group and individual coaching where this kind of space is created, where you can let down and engage with others who are also longing to be known.